crowning kitty


I’ve been in the Marketing/Advertising/Writing business for *mumbles* years. Lots of years–not so many that I was required to wear pantyhose and close-toed shoes to work with my A-line skirts, but enough years that I can claim to be “seasoned” like fries prepared by a distracted teen cook at a chain restaurant.

You may have noticed that I enjoy writing with some humor, and that is true. However, one of my favorite things about being in the business of words is how many different ways I can use them. It is an art. I can write in a serious manner about a serious subject; I can be super playful and fun; I can write in many, many styles with many, many voices.

During my career, I have learned that they key to great marketing, advertising, and sales is understanding your audience. When writing, designing, and creating, most people know to ask what the goal is–what are we trying to accomplish? But many people forget the next question: Who am I talking to? Because the answer to that, knowing our audience, is critical in reaching our goal. Presenting differently, choosing the voice, highlighting specific features–that all depends on who we are trying to reach.

My knowledge and experience add up to this: I am an expert writer, editor, proofreader, and creative manager.


I enjoy being open-minded, and I appreciate those who are as well. I would rarely be described as gregarious, but I would often be described as hilarious. I am usually well-behaved, and I spend a good deal of my free time reading, writing, biking, watching television, and showering my cats and dogs with attention.

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