Who am I?

I am many things, but what probably matters most to you is that I’m a writer, editor, proofreader, respectful employee, respected creative manager, and passionate mentor.

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What do I do?

Everything! Just kidding...I don’t mow lawns. No, really, I don’t. I’ve never touched a lawnmower and never plan to do so.

I can and will, however, write a compelling story or report about lawn-mowing. I could also edit the lawnmower manual so it’s easy to understand. I am also able to proofread a how-to about mowing lawns and help create an eye-catching and effective ad about lawnmowers that’s so good I may even consider mowing lawns myself. 

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Passion for Words and Creativity

Sure, there are lots of writers out there, but they’re not all good writers. To write well, you must love language and love the art of words. Words have power, and that power is a responsibility.

Many people don’t read all of what you put out there, but they’ll read some of it. What people do see and read reflects on you and creates an impression. I help make those impressions great.

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